Santa's Message

In 2012, de Bijenkorf made sending your personal christmas wishes on social media very special! Instead of choosing random digital christmas cards, people could now send their own personal message, red out by Santa himself! On the platform, the lucky selected people could leave their personal message. Within 1 hour, the message was edited, posted to their wall and was ready to share. 
If you didn't make the cut, there were always some very funny predefined message you could post. 
People then shared their own christmas wishes on the Facebook wall of their friends and family, creaching over 20 times the people that joined the campaign.

Then, we made it even better. After the online campaign period, people could also visit Santa in one of the stores of de Bijenkorf, and create their own video with Santa. Within 30 minutes their video was live and ready to share. A couple of cards with a QR code were given so people could add their video to their presents.

Clients of de Bijenkorf absolutely loved the campaign. Over 900 video's were watched 11.000 times during the campaign period and long after. 


selmore lynx

digital project manager 

de bijenkorf