Stap van de olifant af

To make tourists more aware of the horrible treatment elephants have to endure before they are "ridable", World Animal Protection launched the first live 3D print petition. People who pledged on the website left their name behind. Every name was gathered; together the names, printed in a custom made 'elefont' made the elephant skin while 3D printing. 
5 custom built 3D printers printed for 2 weeks to create the gigantic elephant, live in a pavilon at Schiphol Airport to target tourists. Throug a live stream on the website, people could see the printers in action and the elephant being made. 

At Minivegas, I managed the website production, including live streams and other technical setup in the pavilion. Besides this, the backend handeling from names into 3D ready files to be printed live at the pavilion at Schiphol.


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