Live high five

To celebrate their sale ‘World Deal Weeks’, KLM and their ad agency, Eigen Fabrikaat, approached Minivegas with the idea of creating a device that would enable people on opposite sides of the Atlantic to high-five each-other via two large video billboards. Only a perfect high-five could win tickets from New York to Amsterdam or the other way around.
At it’s core the aim was to get people to engage with each other, in real time, through installations linking the two original KLM destinations of Amsterdam and New York. But the high-five aspect added an intriguing gaming element and the chance to win tickets was the added as en extra incentive to pull the crowds. Where a few hundred people highfived in real life, online the Youtube movie had almost a million views and reachted over eight milion people in 2 weeks time.

At Minivegas, I was responsible for producing the whole project. From design and development of the installation, live HD film streaming across the ocean without lag, to user experience, application design and shipping and shooting in NYC. 


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