de Dwaze Rij

A very addictive online game to introduce the biggest sales event warehouse de Bijenkorf has every year. 
In real life people que to be the first to take advantage of the big discounts. We created a game where people could que up in the digital que in order to win amazing prices! Ofcourse, you have to stand your ground making sure no one cuts in front of you or steals your spot! 

The game was completely facebook intergrated to use the fanbase de Bijenkorf already has and to create a bigger fanbase. Two weeks of intensive gaming (15.000 players) resulted in enormous amounts of rumour around the brand and a big growht of fans on Facebook. This resulted in a bigger fanbase to communicate to throughout the year. The game also increased the traffic on the online shop. 

The game was so succesfull it was repeated 2 years after the first version, including optimised features and game elements. 


selmore lynx

digital producer

de bijenkorf

2010, 2011, 2012