this is me

I’m an experienced Freelance Senior Producer from The Netherlands, a true hands-on Producer, but also strong in Project and Account Management. With an educational and work background in Digital / Interactive, this is where my core strenth lies. However, I'm passionate about digital and any other type of campaign production. Never afraid to handle tight deadlines, seemingly impossible productions or challenging budgets. I'm a client-facing all-rounder. I work hard, love a good team effort and enjoy learning from others very much. 
Besides producing, I have a good understanding of organisational and operational structures and advise organisations to improve these.

Currently I am working in both Amsterdam and Munich, but I'm open to work anywhere on the planet!


Even though I would still call myself a Digital Producer if I would have to choose, I'm not so sure if this is still a relevant title. Creative projects with a technical component or approach exist in so many different ways that it is almost impossible to find a specialized individual for each and every specific project.
More and more I see how there is a need for producers who can handle "anything'. They might not know everything, but do know how to find out, how to learn and adapt. They have creative and technical knowledge combined with the ability to oversee processes that are unknown and always changing. I feel this is definitely what it takes to be an all-round producer in today's industry. And luckily I see myself as one of those, thankful for my 'Digital Core & Heart".



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SuperHeroes Amsterdam
Minivegas Amsterdam 
Isobar Netherlands 
Bigshots Amsterdam  
Chunk Amsterdam  |  Selmore
 SelmoreLynx  |  LoweDraftfcb  |  Lost Boys  


Desperados  |  ING  |  Easywalker  
World Animal Protection  |  KLM
BMW  |  Schiphol
Bacardi  |  KPMG  |  PostNL  
ABN AMRO  |  de Bijenkorf  |  ADK Tokyo
Otsuka Japan  |  Campina  |  Nuon
Randstad  |  Delta Lloyd  | 
Mitsubishi  |   Loyens & Loeff  |  E.ON
and many more... 

Let's talk!

Are you interested in getting to know me better, in info on my availability, rates, or just up for a coffe or a chat? Let's talk!

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