What I do 

I am an Interactive Producer. This is what I love the most and do the best. I am also a great Project and Account Manager. My core strength and education lies in managing Digital / Interactive projects. But besides being an Interactive / Digital expert, I am capable of managing all sorts of advertising / communication projects. I’m never afraid of tight deadlines, seemingly impossible productions and challenging budgets (often found all in 1 project at the same time ;)).
I'm a client-facing all-rounder, work hard, love a good team effort and enjoy learning from others very much. 

Besides producing, I have found that when trying to manage my projects best, we often bump in to processes and structures that could be improved for better project results. So I often end up advising from an external point of view, and/or helping to improve these, while managing projects. By now, I have a good understanding of project-organisational and operational structures and can work with companies to improve these.

Currently I am working in both Amsterdam and Munich, but I'm open to work anywhere on the planet!

What I believe

Besides the ‘must have' project management skills, I feel that a great Producer must, and
should want to do so much more. I believe that Producers have a big role in aiming for the best creative results!

Firstly, I like to get vastly involved in the contents of my projects and the people in the team. You should know what you are working on and with whom!
It takes the right people management skills to lead a project in the right direction. To be a sparring partner for the client and at the same being able to advise, spar with and empower the diverse range of creative experts in the team and at external vendors. And it takes the right (creative, UX and technical) knowledge on my part to be able to lead a team while at the same time asking questions, listen, and work and learn together.

Secondly, I don’t think any interactive project is the same anymore. To be able to oversee projects that are ever changing, that have no steady pattern, that work with new techniques and have not been done before, is a different kind of producing. Especially when it comes to installation work.
It is almost impossible to have knowhow about every program, technique, mechanism. But being able to know how to find out, to do so and learn about it while managing the project, is a key requirement. You have to be able to oversee these project and to manage every unexpected bump and twist that comes on it’s path.
It’s necessary and I am good at it, too... I have my ‘digital’ core to thank for that :).



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Let's talk!

Are you interested in getting to know me better, in info on my availability, rates, or just up for a coffee or a chat? Let's talk!

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